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Temporary roof edge protection in Brisbane

Fast & Affordfable Roof Edge Protection Brisbane

Edge Protection Australia is Brisbane's leading residential height safety specialists with over 10 years in the industry. Dedicated to ensuring the safety of you and your workers, we've helped create safer roofs with temporary edge protection for over 10000+ homes in the Brisbane region.

If you're looking for a safe, fast and cost-effective option for height safety on your roof, then our edge protection is the perfect solution for you. Edge Protection Australia offers the most affordable edge protection hire in Brisbane.  

We are renowned for our speed and ability to install and dismantle your system fast and efficiently, without cutting corners. Being the best edge protection in Brisbane, your safety is in the best hands. Our team is dedicated to delivering a safe and reliable service, so you can focus on your work without worrying about height safety issues.

We offer a range of roof edge protection for hire, from new roof systems to re-roof, tiled roofs, decks, first level floors, tilt slabs, and parapets. No matter what your residential edge protection needs are, we can help.

With a commitment to your safety, our roof safety systems are the best choice for anywhere you need to work at heights on your construction site. It's this commitment and our cost-effective approach that sets us apart, with our work being the widely accepted gold standard for roof edge protection in Brisbane.

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Our Temporary Edge Protection Services

Brisbane Temporary Edge Protection Hire Specialists

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As Brisbane's leading edge protection contractors, you can rely on us to ensure the safety of your roof. Our expertise spans across every sector of residential edge protection, making our service a one-stop shop when it comes to height safety for homes.

Whether you're installing a new roof, undergoing roof repairs, installing solar panels or balcony screens, our experts have a fall protection system that's perfect for you. Our guardrail systems are incredibly safe and robust, fast to install and dismantle, and an affordable alternative to full roof scaffolding.

Height Safety Services That comply with Australian Standards

Did you know that falls from heights are the leading cause of death on QLD construction sites? The most common fatal falls are from roofs at heights of under 4 metres. When you need to work from a roof, the best height safety measure for preventing falls over a roof edge is physical roof guardrails.

At EPA, we offer a number of temporary edge protection systems for hire to keep you and your workers safe. All of our safety rails are carefully and meticulously installed to comply with AS4994.1 Australian Standards, ensuring the safest possible height safety system for your roof.

Fall Protection For Roofs Of all types

Edge protection is the perfect solution for fall prevention on roofs. As opposed to an entire roof scaffolding system, temporary edge protection is affordable as well as quick to set up and remove. Best of all, it's just as safe! Temporary handrail hire is the number one fall prevention measure in order to prohibit accidents when working from heights.

Our team are dedicated to keeping you safe with the highest quality fall protection for roofs that's found either side of the Brisbane River. Whether you're a builder, a remedial company, a roofer, a solar company, or a homeowner, keep you and your workers safe with the best edge protection Brisbane resident's trust. Our belief is to be safe, not sorry.

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Why choose us for your Edge protection Roof Guard rails

The best solution to ensure you and your workers are safe from falling over the edge of the roof when working at heights, is temporary edge protection. We're able to put up robust systems that are perfect for your specific roof and are much more affordable than full perimeter roof scaffolding. Our fast and affordable service means you can get high quality height protection installed without delaying your build or eating into your wallet. Here are some of the benefits of our Brisbane roof edge protection:


Affordable and Cost-effective

Our temporary edge protection is much more affordable and cost-effective than traditional full perimeter roof scaffolding, and just as safe!


Quick and easy to install

Our expertise and innovate systems allows us to install and dismantle your edge protection fast and effortless, saving you time and money.


Safe And Robust

Our temporary roof guardrails are designed to be safe and robust, drastically reducing the likelihood of potentially fatal falls and injuries from heights.


Australian Standards Compliant

Our edge protection complies with Australian Standards AS/NZS 4994.1 to protect workers and meet regulatory requirements.


No damage to eave or roof

We provide options with our guardrails that leave the eave and roof unharmed and undamaged.


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Residential Safety Rails For roofs of all types

Edge protection is the most common type of enclosure installed on roofs to prevent falls from height and ensure a safe working environment. It is a safety feature that simply can't be overlooked during the construction of homes, roofs, and other structures at height. Luckily, our handrail systems can be applied to all types of residential roofing and heightened platforms.

we can set up Safety guardrails for

  • Metal Roofs
  • Tile Roofs
  • Iron Roofs
  • Klip-Lok Roofs
  • Skylights
  • Framework
  • Tilt Slab/Blockwork
  • Working Platforms



The Edge Protection Australia team is an absolute pleasure to work with! Excellent communication and highly professional workmanship, we cannot recommend them enough, so much so we don't want to share. Nothing is too much trouble, we are regular clients, and have nothing but nice things to say about their team.


These guys were at our property after the storms in February.  They set up while repairs were done to our roof. They were efficient, tidy and polite. Cheers!

John Anderson

High Quality Height Safety Brisbane Residents Trust

With safety at the forefront of everything we do, all of our staff are highly qualified and strictly adhere to the Safety Management Standards upheld by Edge Protection Australia. All of our roof safety products are high quality and comply with AS 4994.1, always staying up to date with the latest cutting-edge safety technology.

Before undertaking any erection of guardrails, we make sure to listen to your specific site requirements and ensure all requirements are followed carefully. If you have specific safety requirements, feel free to let us know and we'll happily accommodate your needs.

Our team supply everything you need to get started on your work at height. We know what systems are compatible with your specific roof, supplying the perfect barriers, brackets, guards, and safety railings for your project. All of our systems are assembled and installed by our fully trained and reliable staff.

EPA are proud to have made thousands of Brisbane homes safer over the 10 years in business, it's what we do best. Being the roof edge protection Brisbane residents trust, we make it easy for you to keep your workers safe!

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What you need to know about Roof edge protection in Brisbane

Queensland has strict and specific laws surrounding working from heights in construction and other industries to ensure the safety of workers. There are specific provisions when working on roofs that determine the type of height safety required.

According to health and safety regulations, guardrail systems must be used in housing construction work when there is a potential fall of more than 3 metres, other construction work (e.g. painting, solar, insurance) when there is a potential fall of more than 2 metres, and roofing work when on any roof or partly completed roof surface with a slope not exceeding 26 degrees. This includes gable ends and porticos.

Safe access is always required for workers working at height. Edge protection must always be setup with easy accessibility to the roof or platform, and without the need to climb over the top rail or mid rail.

Guardrail systems should always contain top, middle, and bottom rails or toe boards. When using toe boards in place of bottom rails, the toe board must be able to withstand heavy weight loads caused by impact.

A bottom rail must be fitted at least 150mm but not more than 250mm above the base surface. Alternatively, a toe board, which is an upright timber or metal board securely fixed in place at the edge of the surface, must be at least 150mm high and installed below all rails.

The clear gap between rails should not exceed 450 mm, and the distance between a mid-rail and a toe board or bottom rail should be no more than 275 mm. It's also important that there is no gap larger than 100 mm between the roof edge, including the gutter, and a guardrail positioned outside the roof line.

On top of this, the clear distance between the roof cladding and the bottom rail should be at least 150 mm but no greater than 275 mm. The guardrail height above the roof surface must be at least 900 mm, and for roofs with a pitch over 10 degrees, this height should be measured from a point 300 mm inside the roof edge.

For surfaces with slopes exceeding 26 degrees, sturdy mesh, sheeting, or other materials must extend upwards at least 900mm from the base surface or toe board.

Our team ensures your temporary handrail hire will adhere to these guidelines and help you create a safer environment for your workers, significantly reducing the risk of falls and injuries. Implementing a robust safety rail system is not only a regulatory requirement in QLD but also a critical component of maintaining a safe and secure construction site.

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